How to manage geeks

After reading a post on the Spiceworks Community regarding how to manage IT Staff or Geeks as some call us I wanted to share two links that made me laugh;

How NOT to lead geeks was a great read and in my opinion, hit the nail on the head.

A short clip From the IT Crowd where the two IT Guys try to make their manager (non it) look stupid in front of her peers

What are your thoughts on this?

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Gutted for Felix and the Team

Weather conditions and technical issues has forced todays record attempt to move. You could tell on the live stream how broken up they all are over it.

Better safe than sorry.

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Mission to the edge of space: Live

Watch it live, this is amazing!

Good luck Felix – remember to use the washroom before you start!!


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Dell World 2012

Need to get my behind in gear and regiester –
Hope it’s not too late!!!

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A little bit about me

I have been working in the IT Industry professionally since late 1998 where I was lucky enough to have a bunch of great mentor’s.

In 1999 I went on my first international business trip to Italy where I setup a new office for the company I was working for with VPN Links back to our head office in the UK so that our consultants could access our line of business application.

Due to that business relocating, I moved onto a financial institute where I was educated in larger networks, working with internal and external customers, internal and external developers, vendors and consultants. I made a number of changed whilst there to improve the end-user experience and after three years outgrew the position.

In 2004 I took a risk and moved onto consulting on my own, and it paid off!!

I spent the next five years building my network and working for many companies gaining a wealth of knowledge and skills across many areas in both Business and IT.

Due to my dedication and the verity of my skill set, I positioned myself to represent one of my clients working for a world-famous airline. This sub-contract role took me all over Europe working on everything from technical issues and projects as well as international office relocations including provisioning of services as well as the installation of hardware and software.

Working in many different countries gave me a unique perspective on working with different cultures and customs. I love being exposed to new situations as I truly believe it builds good habits that last a lifetime.

When I was twenty-nine, I joined a manufacturing company in south Wales as the Chief Technology Officer. I stabilised the internal infrastructure and took it from <60% uptime to over 99.999% uptime.

Working with the bigger picture in mind, I continued to develop the network to be scalable enough to cope with the extremely aggressive growth plan. The implementation of VMware ESXi as well as Citrix XenApp enabled us to fully mobilise the sales team as well as the other offices around Europe.

During my time I also worked with a worldwide ISP to implement a Pan-Europe Multi-Protocol Label Switching Network (MPLS). This network touched all six countries and three-time zones where we operated from.

I was also involved in the acquisition of competitors. Upon closing an acquisition I would visit the new child company and audit every aspect of the network infrastructure and produce reports to the Group IT Manager who would then pass my recommendation onto the board on how to integrate the new child company into our business.

Because of the cost reductions gained by the virtualization of the production network I was tasked with reducing costs for all areas of the business. During my time in this role I had achieved savings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Over 60% of the savings are year on year, not one time savings!!

I then relocated to Sudbury, Ontario where I now work with local companies to help them become more efficient through the use of technology as well as reducing their exposure to risk with respect to Information Technology.

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