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How to manage geeks

After reading a post on the Spiceworks Community regarding how to manage IT Staff or Geeks as some call us I wanted to share two links that made me laugh; How NOT to lead geeks was a great read and in my

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Gutted for Felix and the Team

Weather conditions and technical issues has forced todays record attempt to move. You could tell on the live stream how broken up they all are over it. Better safe than sorry.

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Mission to the edge of space: Live

Watch it live, this is amazing! Good luck Felix – remember to use the washroom before you start!!  

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Dell World 2012

Need to get my behind in gear and regiester – Hope it’s not too late!!!

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A little bit about me I have been working in the IT Industry professionally since late 1998 where I was lucky enough to have a bunch of great mentor’s. In 1999 I went on my first international business trip to

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